Why continue attending the beginner classes?

Guest Post by Thomas Kluger

Since I started my first lesson at SalsaViva I have attended every beginner class – i think more than 20 now. Many times I got asked why I still continue attending the beginner classes, and my answer is always the same: it is a good way for me to improve 🙂

These are the only classes where I have time enough to focus on the details, work on chest and shoulders (which is hard enough anyway), play around with steps and distance, focus on posture and how it looks like – in the higher classes most of the time I am busy with watching, understanding and applying new techniques and moves, there I can’t focus very much on details.

As you know it takes time and practice to create muscle memory, for example to automate shoulder movement without focusing on it all the time, so you would rather start adding it by doing simple steps to a slow music instead of picking the most complex shine you know.

The beginner class is the best chance to make the simple things look good 🙂 and from there you can take your moves to the more complex things with less effort – and be sure, in every beginner class you learn something new you didn’t know before 🙂